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enveloppe.png Contact   horloge.png Office Hours
E-mail : dmlsbGVAaGVyc3RhbC5iZQ==
Tél. : 04 248 26 02
Fax : 04 256 95 79
  Monday: 9-12
Wednesday: 9-12
Friday: 9-12
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Ville de Herstal
service du Logement
place Jean Jaurès 1 • 4040 Herstal
   Ville de Herstal
service du Logement
rue Large Voie 34 • 4040 Herstal


  • Public reception desk.
  • Housing office hours.
  • Targeting and attempting to find solutions for citizens’ various problems regarding housing.
  • Providing basic information about different local and regional housing assistance programs: subsidies, loans, tax reductions, etc.
  • Providing and guiding potential tenants who would like to apply for publicly-subsidized housing, housing transfers, transitional housing, etc.
  • Document and direct citizens to appropriate services and organizations.

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