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Driver's license


To order a driver’s license, please bring two identical identification photos, your identification card, and also:
  • Provisional license, 18-month model: the form issued by the testing center, the aptitude certificate issued by the driving school.
  • Provisional license, 36-month model: the form issued by the testing center.
  • Definitive license: the former provisional license.
  • Medical selection: the former driver’s license and the Group 2 medical certificate.
  • Duplicate or theft: the loss certificate from the police.
  • International driver’s license: a valid Belgian driver’s license is required.
  • Truck license: the truck license achievement certificate, Group 2 medical certificate, former license.
  • “D” License: TEC or other achievement certificate, CAP (Certificate of Professional Aptitude), Group 2 medical certificate, former license.
  • “A3” License • moped: certificate of passing the test.
  • Exchange of recognized foreign driver’s licenses: The request must be made at the Population department. After having submitted your foreign license, you will receive a summons indicating whether or not your license has been accepted. The request for exchange can take between one and three months.


  • 18-month provisional license: 11.50€.
  • 36-month provisional license: 11.50€.
  • Definitive license: 25€.
  • Medical selection: 25€.
  • Duplicate: 25€.
  • International license: 21€.
  • Truck license: 25€.
  • “D” license: 25€.
  • “A3” license: 11.50€.