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E-mail : dmlsbGVAaGVyc3RhbC5iZQ==
Tel. : 04 240 66 89
Fax : 04 240 66 96

Wednesday and Friday:

July and August: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
9am-12pm and 4:30pm-6pm. 6pm-8pm (by appointment only)
9am-12pm (by appointment only)
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Ville de Herstal
service de l'Energie
place Jean Jaurès 1 • 4040 Herstal
 Ville de Herstal
service de l'Energie
rue Large Voie 34 • 4040 Herstal 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Carrying out the energy registry of buildings in the city.
  • Implementing record-keeping on the energy consumption of municipal buildings.
  • Establishing an improvement plan for the energy performance of municipal buildings, especially those on the list of priority investments.
  • Monitoring compliance with isolation and ventilation norms in vigor and, more generally, energy performance measures contained in the Walloon Code of Territorial Development, City Planning, Patrimony, and Energy: CWATUPE.
  • Raising awareness among municipal employees about the two proceeding aspects and more generally about rational energy use behaviors.
  • Playing the role of a front-line information center for the residents of the City.
  • Handling requests for subsidies for the installation of solar water-heaters or a system of solar panels.

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