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E-mail : dmlsbGVAaGVyc3RhbC5iZQ==
Tél. : 04 240 66 90
Fax : 04 240 66 95
 Monday to Friday:
July and August:
9h à 12h 
9h à 12h
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Ville de Herstal
service administratif des Travaux
place Jean Jaurès 1 • 4040 Herstal
 Ville de Herstal
service administratif des Travaux
rue Large Voie 34 • 4040 Herstal 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • City planning permits and subdivision permits, city planning declarations and No. 2 City Planning Certificates.
  • Environmental permits, single permits, and environmental declarations.
  • Declarations of road applications and permits.
  • Tree felling authorizations.
  • Street naming.
  • Rental of municipal areas.
  • Sale of municipal real estate properties.
  • Public markets and management of securities.
  • Documents to complete to obtain subsidies from the Walloon Region: renovation, construction, creation of a registered building, improvement assistance.
  • Declaration following an accident in which a municipal vehicle or asset is implicated.

Documents to download: