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Hauts-Sarts, industrial park of Herstal:

With almost 300 businesses and almost 8,000 jobs, Hauts-Sarts, in the northwest of the municipality, represents the largest business park in all of Wallonia. Created in the mid-1960s, it is also one of the oldest.

Ideally situated at the heart of the highway interchange at the north of Liège, with connections to Antwerp, Brussels, Namur, Luxemburg, France, Germany, and the Netherlands, with direct proximity to the autonomous Port of Liège, the third-largest European interior port, to Liège Airport, the 8th-largest European freight airport, and to the TGV train network, the Hauts-Sarts Park today covers some 450 hectares, only a dozen of which are still available.

Since 2003, over one hundred businesses have grouped together at the Hauts-Sarts Business Club, one of the rare associations of this type to be incorporated as a nonprofit organization. Notably in its favor, it holds a Belgian first - ISO 14001 certification - a system of environmental management, attributed collectively to its members.

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