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Key Sectors


Very diversified, the City of Herstal’s economic activities are of course not limited to the Hauts-Sarts Park, even if a good portion of them are concentrated there.


In the last few years, several centers of excellence have formed:

  • Aeronautics and space: a center of excellence around Techspace Aero, ex-FN Moteurs, with 1,200 jobs in Hauts-Sarts, manufacturer of plane engines and Ariane rocket parts, among other items. Techspace Aero has developed a particularly dense fabric of aerospace specialists and subcontractors. Herstal is thus, along with Liège, the Wallonian city with the most businesses that are part of EWA, Wallonian Aeronautic Enterprises (Entreprises Wallonnes Aéronautiques), from the Wallonie Espace cluster and Skywin, a center of Wallonian competitiveness consecrated to aerospace and presided over by Philippe Schleicher, CEO of Techspace Aero.
  • Transport and logistics: equipped with a truly exceptional geographic location and a remarkable grouping of different types of transport – route, rail, water, and air – Herstal’s economy is also strongly marked by the development of transport and logistics activities, concentrated in the Hauts-Sarts park. This sector will again benefit in the years to come from the implementation, at the border of the city, of the multimodal logistics village of Trilogiport.
  • Precision mechanics, a state-of-the-art activity inherited from Herstal’s long-standing industrial tradition and maintained by an exceptional workforce, among the best in the world; a sector in which weapons, which remain unswervingly linked to Herstal’s knowhow, remain.

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