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Mayor’s Office


Following the example of the Municipal Secretary, the Mayor has a small, proactive, and flexible structure that supports him in his civil and political missions.

Under the authority of and in total synergy with the Mayor himself, this team, led by the Office Manager, works with the requests that are submitted daily, whether they concern administrative and political contacts, meetings with citizens, formal relations with the Municipal College, miscellaneous letters, development and implementation of interdepartmental strategies, and large projects that are in the process of creating the Herstal of today and tomorrow.


A proactive entity in the areas of information and communication, the City of Herstal is equipped with specialized in-house structures in these domains.

Therefore, the Mayor’s Office is equipped with a Press service in charge of relations between media outlets and the members of the Municipal College. The Mayor, versed in public relations, also watches over the coordination of the City’s internal and external communication, both personally and also through his office.

In parallel, the municipal administration is equipped with its own Graphic Design -Web Publications Office, made up of a graphic design unit and an integrated publications office.

In complete synergy with the Mayor’s Office and his press service, this service works laterally with the other municipal services or, under strict conditions, for external partners.