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Organ donation


For more information, you can consult the Federal public information center: public health, food security and environment.

All people, both adults and minors, who are registered in the Population Registry or who have been registered with Immigration for at least six months, are capable of declaring their wishes and can declare their consent to all retrieval of organs or tissues after their death.

It is also possible to record one’s wishes to refuse potential organ retrieval.

This declaration of intention, established in writing, will be recorded in the National Registry, Law of June 13, 1986, published on February 14, 1987.

You must come in person to our department with your identification card so that we can have you sign the necessary documents.

Your declaration will be recorded in the National Registry, accessible to transplant coordinators 24/7. The National Registry must be consulted before any retrieval of organs or tissues after death.

You therefore have the guarantee that your wishes will be respected.

For residents of Herstal, this declaration can be made at the  Population department.

This process is free of charge.
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